Monday, February 14, 2011

Completed Tournaments February 2011

1.The 3rd Batavia Chess Tournament
Indian GM Pravin Thipsay finished 8th in a 10 player event with 3/9 points. He lost 16.6 elo points in the process.

2. 31st Red Chillies National Team Chess Championship- 2011
Indian Top GM's Gupta, Deep Sengupta, Bakre and Arun Prasad are in the field. Abhijeet Gupta finished with a perfect record of 7/7 points and also gained 11.7 elo points in the process.

3. 4th Colombo International Chess Festival 2011
India's Navin Kanna is the Champion, but lost 4.3 rating points. He was undefeated in this 10 Round Swiss Tournament, scored 8.5 Points with 7 wins & 3 draws.

4. Qualification for the World Blitz Championship 2011
Aeroflot Blitz where the top six would qualify for the final . Mamedyarov was winner with 14.5/18, followed by Ponomariov 14, Andreikin & Tomashevsky 13.5, and Wesley So & Vitiugov on 13, all 6 qualified for the World Blitz Championship

India's Chanda and Sethuraman finished with 9.5 and 9.0 points and finished at 73 and 95 respectively in a field containing 194 players.

5.Aeroflot Open 2011 - Group A
Chanda continues his superb form. seeded 28th he finished the tournament 11th with 5.5/9 and in the process also gained 9.3 elo points He is slowly moving towards Harikrishana in the live ratings. India's newest GM Sethuraman seeded 69th finished poorly on 67th with 3.5/9... points and lost 4.2 elo points.

Group B IM Vishnu Prasanna seeded 71 finished 75th on 4.0/9.0 points and lost 3.5 elo points.
Group C Panaiappan seeded 79 finished 93rd with 3.0/9 points and lost 7.4 elo points.

6.First Saturday IM Chess tournament 2011
India's WIM Bhakti Kulkarni 2275 finished 5th in a field of 12 players. She scored 5.5/11 points.

7. Brighton Masters 2011.
India's FM Venkatramanan 2302 finished 8th with 3.5 points after 9 rounds and lost around 16.7 elo points


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